It has been happening with me since I started our journey of providing hotel rooms to couples. A recent conversation with a hotelier in Kolkata has finally forced me to write down what conversation was placed over table

Here you go with the story :)

Hotel Manager : Soma I admit. They are genuine couples & there is no law  that deny couples to book a hotel room . But still we can’t take them. It’s against our management policy.

Me: Please arrange a meeting with your management team then I can  make them understand that we are not living in late 90’s anymore and now it’s  time that we should break the mindset from self-made myths of rights and wrongs. I will also show them the business opportunities that  you are missing.

Hotel Manager : I know Soma, whatever you are saying makes sense. It’s a unique thing and legal too. I personally appreciate that too that there are people working on privacy and security for couples. But after Few months,your services will start promoting prostitution inside the hotel premises.

Me: It will not happen with us. We strictly make it clear to our guests that they should not involve into illegal practices inside the hotel and the hotel reserves the right to deny a guest to check-in if he founds them inappropriate. We are not promoting prostitution. We are helping the genuine couples who are oppressed by goons.

Hotel Manager : Soma, You would not be able to stop it and people will finally misuse your services.

(At this time He is right. We dont have any filtering process  which ensure it shouldn’t happen. Even no other company have.)

Me : Fine. Somehow I agree. It may happen one in hundreds. But for this does it make sense to deny the other  99 genuine couples to avoid one bad case?

Hotel Manager : Yes Soma.  because one case is enough for me to lose my job and destroy the brand of my hotel.

 See what happened a few weeks earlier....

 4 guests who came from another city and they booked  our hotel. Three were girls and  one was male.They booked 3 rooms. Two girls shared one room the third girl stayed in a different room and the  guys shared a third room.

After 30 minutes of their check in, a friend of them came to the hotel and wanted to meet them.Usually  Hotels allow friends to go to the room for an hour or two during the day time. And we did the same. But can you imagine. After he left,another person came. And after him one more. This went on for next 2-3 hours which was enough to make me suspicious. Surprisingly I got a call from one of  guests who was staying in the hotel .

Guest  : Hey,Do you know what’s happening in your hotel? I just got a call from Room no. 304 saying that there are two attractive girls in room 304 and their charge is 2000 INR per hour. If you want, you can come and enjoy for an hour.

And before the local police get to know about what is happening in the hotel,we asked those guest to leave immediately. And we got saved this time. Just because we were more swift in taking action than the police. But it doesn’t happen like this always. What if police gets to know before us and raid the hotel. After that you are aware, that I will lose my job, hotel will spoil its brand name, etc.

This is just one example and there are many many cases like this that happens when we allow couples to stay in our rooms. And there you go with the reason why we do not accept couples even after knowing that they are genuine. Now you come up with a foolproof solution of avoiding such incidents, I am in.

Alas !! The story is over. Wasn’t it interesting? . Now it’s not a hotelier’s fault for his unwillingness to take you guys. Most probably, you would do the same what he’s doing.  Will you risk your job for some stranger couple? I don’t think so.

But then how is LuvStay making these hotels agree to allow couples in their hotel rooms?

LuvStay works with the brand in the industry. Hotels who have got a hold of the industry. The kind of our system think twice before bothering them. Reason being : They are not doing anything wrong.Its Not ILLEGAL  And they have got POWER. Ultimately, every problem has got a solution in our country. The problem that in our case is the way our police works. If they wish, such cases can be handled in a peaceful and legal way without creating a hype about it & spoiling the image of a hotel. But we all know, why it doesn’t happen here right? Corruption..!!  How will the money flow to them? Money Matters. It can only be transferred from one pocket to another. And the solution to this problem is — Find those Great Hotels for you to get you a luvable and safe stay.

 Love you readers :)

LuvStay..... <3