This portal that allows unmarried couples to book hotel rooms in India is definitely a change for conservative and patriarchal society. India is as progressed as it is conservative. The idea of premarital sex wasn’t scandalous enough for the conservative Indian Society. Certain topics are still treated like they are taboo. Ours is a country where Valentine’s day is frowned upon and celebrated with equal violence rather then love. Where falling in love is seen as a slight on family honor. Where culture is threatened when a boy and a girl hold hands. Before you jump the gun, no, it doesn’t not promote the idea of premarital sex that may ruin our culture. Its only giving them the freedom of making a choice and helping the society adapt to different lifestyles.

Apparently it is okay to kiss under umbrella in a public park unless moral police are on break- but if we move the same scenario into a hotel room and suddenly you are charged with public indecency and run the risk to end up in jail. We were a young but unmarried couple. they didnt allow us to stay together & forced to check out. I dont Know why? Pathetic..! As we are living in 70's , a known person review over oyo.

In a bold new step a startup called LuvStay is making sure unmarried couples in our country can have easy access to hotel rooms for some private time, without being hassled. At present unmarried couples isn’t allowed to book a hotel room if they happen to be locals.

Do hotels have the legal authority to deny rooms to unmarried couples? No, Say lawyers and officials of the Hotel Association of India. Though not illegal, this is still viewed as an act that is against "Indian Culture". Resulting physical attacks on unmarried couples by not just by the police bust also goons and opportunist. Case in point- thee widely criticized raid conducted by Mumbai Police where they detained over 13 couples in madh island.

There is no Law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together in hotels choosing to stay together is a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement, which can not be restricted, says senior advocate Shonee Kapoor.

Luvstay, a Delhi based startup has made the task easy for adults who have a valid govt approved identity card. Privacy is and will always remain a concern in budget hotels, but LuvStay ensures that the hotels who have tied up with LuvStay are safe.

Moral policing needs to stop and the initiative is a start and Team LuvStay is openly challenging this orthodox behavior of society..