I called Hotel X & They Said No Couples Allowed  !!

Guest :- Is it LuvStay?

Cupid Sumit :- Yes... How May I Help You Buddy?

Guest :- Sumit I called up hotel listed in your portal and they told me that they won’t allow couples..!! what is this?


Buddy I should write on this earlier , chalo nevertheless , let me tell you LuvStay service is a revolutionary and bold initiative for  India.  So, it would take some time to digest and get adapted by hotels to talking about it openly and become normal norms here.

For this reason if you call our hotels they might be say Noooooo..

Even if you ask whether they allow couples from LuvStay, Still they can deny  !!

Because most of our hotels are not comfortable on openly talking about it. It would take some time and we are working on it. We are changing the mindset of hotelier.

So we request you to trust us because entire nation trusting on us on:

  • You are safe

  • You will not face any harassment (raids)

  • You are 100% secured

So remember buddy if you call and say you have reservation with LuvStay, they might be say –No

But when you have reservation with LuvStay and present direct to the reception with your partner  at allotted time with delight in your eyes, you will be allowed. And You have to be Allowed.


Because our hotels are open up only to LuvStay’s guest. They will not entertain prospects because they are not comfortable talking openly on this infront of anyone.

Please Note This Is A New Service, and our hotel partners are not boasting about in on phone calls.

So stop thinking so much, don’t analyse, don’t judge.. Relax, we got everything covered. Make a booking online, come at designated time and have luvly time… ooooohhhlalalala……

If I was at your place, I would spent my mind on what exactly  to do in room.. lol..

Hahahah.. Hope you understand..!!

Cupid Sumit

Luv You..