Traditionally, India is not a country for Live-in relationships. Any relationship between a man and women before marriage has got no identity in our country. Indian Society is still in its dormant stage; juvenile if we may put it. But this scene is changing now. Indian metropolis is seeing the changing face of this effect. Many hotel aggregators including Luvstay and others are making hotel room booking process couple friendly.

Even in the current 21st century, a relationship of any kind between an adult unmarried man and women is frowned upon. Pre-marital relationship as in live-in relationship has got no merit yet. In fact, we are living in such a society where finding comfortable and private stay in hotels for unmarried couples is a difficult thing. Being well within the rights according to the Indian constitution, many people in our society still considers it a sin. Girl being a virgin and no sex before marriage are still considered the best measures of one’s character. A lot of noise has already been created to term it as ‘unacceptable.

In India, sex before marriage is still a taboo. We do not educate our youngsters with right information.

Contrary to the norms, sex and fear are the two phenomena, which are used incessantly to sell every small product in Indian market. But wait, you’re not allowed to utter the word ‘SEX.’ Especially if you belong to a ‘good’ family - you cannot discuss ‘SEX’ with your family in the house. We are not surprised if you have to change the television channel if physical intimacy is depicted on the screen. This is how Indian Society is being guarded. This is the antiquity of India.

Isn’t this hypocrisy? Talking about relationships and sex before marriage is a taboo. In fact, we do not even educate our youngsters with right information. Why? Supposedly it is against the Indian culture, without any substantial reasoning! We know this for sure that most of Indian’s are hesitant to ask a medical shop owner for ‘birth control pills’ or ‘condoms.’ The Indian government had to start free distribution of condoms in India just for the sake that people start using it.

It’s very basic thing to understand that, sexual needs are the basic needs for human beings just like food, clothing, and shelter. There’s not much ado about it, in general. But, we Indian’s as a society are not able to accept it with a free mind. Even cheap hotel room providers are creating a fuss about it and not allowing hotel booking a peace of mind for unmarried couples with same city id cards.

There is nothing wrong in that. Period!

It is a high time now. In this digital era, we are still discussing if sex, love, and relationships before marriage are right or not. We need to accept it as a basic need – which it is.  Team LuvStay hopes our generation is about acceptance, love, open-mindedness, tolerance, change, and hope. Amen.

We’re living in a country,

A birth in the heartland of hypocrisy,

Place for you is Luvstay.

- Luvstay Haiku



Lots of love,

Team Luvstay