The age of becoming a teenager from an adult is not the easiest. This is the time when most of us fall in love. So, here we are letting you know some secrets. There is no surety of any relationship to last long, but there are few rules of making a “Serious Relationship” which is most of the time the biggest couple goal.​

1. Date before getting committed.

 Although dating is a taboo in our Indian society, but not a bad thing. It is one of the most sensible things one should do. You can have your own private time in hotels for unmarried couples.  Always date to know the person and check whether you both are compatible with each other or not. This dating period is also useful to know about likes, dislikes and look towards your life.

2. Forget your past.

Your past always acts like a ghost in your new relation. It will haunt you till the time you don’t let it go. No matter, what happened, you have to leave it behind if you are looking for a new and serious relationship. Take proper time and then give a new start and make sure you do not look back.

3. Honesty is the key

The best policy is honesty but not the most comfortable rule to follow every time. Nevertheless, be honest. Many times, being honest may cause some troubles but it will build trust between you and your partner. Now after building a level of trust, if something goes wrong down the line, you will not try to cover the things, rather will take other into confidence.

4. Trust but not blindly.

Every relation gets to build on the ground of trust but trusting blindly is a very bad thing that one can do. Humans are the one who can make mistake and it is always a good idea to be answerable to some extent. Don’t ignore this but don’t overdo it either.

5. Take care of your social life.

Having relationship is not the only thing in life and in no case you should stop living your life outside of it. You should be able to live life without your partner because you cannot have each other every time at every occasion. Make sure you spend time with your friends, have your hobbies and priorities.

6. Little gestures have more importance than grand surprises.

Saying ‘I love you’ more often and appreciate every single effort your partner puts in for making your relation more romantic. Do little things to bring life and smile to your relation. The small and meaningful things usually count and keep the love and romance alive.

7. Compromise but don’t sacrifice yourself

Your partner cannot feel going on a boat ride because of fear of water! That’s ok, maybe you can sit near water for long and enjoy the scene. But if you partner is uncomfortable going on an outing or social bee that is not you should be sacrificing. Tell your expectations and try to make it work for both. None of you should sacrifice yourself for keeping the relationship afloat.

8. Time for your partner

Life gets too busy sometimes so make time for your partner. Relations don’t remain fancy all the time, just take some time out of you busy schedule and hang out enjoying each other’s company.

9. Be strong

Many times you will have weak moments and they might have no relation with your relationship. But, they will affect you in any case. In these times, you need to be strong and keep your partner also strong because if you will hold each other, Congo… you can live with your relationship.

10. Say no to be serious!

‘Life is short’, take things seriously but not too much. You should know how to make things happy and enjoyable. If you and your heart are at the right place, you will make it out.

Smile, laugh, do silly things, enjoy and don’t forget to say sorry for being wrong at times. Go along with these tips to make your relationship last long.