Karan and Pooja were in a relationship from past 4 years. They were in love with each other and always looked for the time to know each other and love more. Karan and Pooja met for the first time in the bank, where Karan was handing Pooja as his client in Delhi. They had good tuning and started dating. One day, Karan asked Pooja about having some time alone and to spend time with each other in a hotel. Pooja liked the idea and she said yes! They booked a hotel room in Delhi to seek some privacy and have quality time with each other. They searched for couple friendly hotel in Delhi. They found a hotel for couples in Delhi and booked for date 6th May as it will be Saturday and convenient for both. Finally, 6th May arrives; Karan and Pooja were very excited and were looking forward to having an amazing time with each other. They went to the Hotel and checked into their room. They were really enjoying each other’s company.

After few hours, someone knocks on their door. Rahul opens the door and a policeman slaps Rahul! They both were humiliated and imposed with the fine of Rs1500. The matter didn’t condense here; they called the Bank manager of Rahul and told them about this act.  And, there are many more victims of such horrible situation who chose suicide as an option after getting the tag of moral policing breakers.

Pre-marital sex is a senseless taboo in our country. From urban to rural, India’s attitude towards pre-marital sex is a criminality. The unmarried couple relationship is considered as impious in the Indian society. The public will consider you as “Characterless” if you are in a relationship before your marriage.

The unmarried couples face stereotype thinking of the so-called modern society. If a girl or a boy is sexually active before marriage, it will be a bad deed in the mind of society. Moreover, deciding to have sex as a college student comes with an additional logistical set of difficulties. The society expects the couples to follow the age old Indian tradition of behaving decently in the public. They should decide to have sex after they get married only.

Thinking is the most vulnerable problem faced by the unmarried couples of India. They are judged for choosing a moment together. The real truth is people in India don't listen to the shout of the girl asking for help but they will notice the couple holding hands sitting next to them. The men at the grocery stores will give couples surprising looks if the unmarried couple is buying protection.  They are judged immoral.

Indian people need to get modernised. The society needs to understand that drinking water from the glass cannot be considered as drinking whisky. The Couples also deserve privacy. 

No law in the Indian constitution prohibits Indian couples for not staying in the Hotel. The Indian Constitution recognises that the fundamental right under Article 21 of the constitution of the India grants to all its citizens "Right to life and personal liberty" which means one is free to live the way one wants. Luvstay is the leading hotel aggregator in the hotel industry who is providing hotel rooms to the married as well as unmarried couples. This platform has set only two rules for booking a hotel room, a government ID proof and the couple should be above 18 years of age. Moreover, LuvStay keeps a regular check on every hotel they are associated with for the safety, security and privacy of couples. Book a room via LuvStay and enjoy a hassle-free stay because with LuvStay: every story is a LuvStory.