In India, a land where marriages arranged by the family are the norm and opportunities for a couple to spend time together before marriage can be sparse, a startup is trying to help couples find a room.

Traditionally, India is a conservative society. Our home-country has a strong rule that a girl should be virgin before her marriage.  She should not have a sexual experience before the marriage. In Bollywood, the movies and screenwriters have not even helped, the woman who sleeps with guys without being married to them dies at the end while the virgin gets the title of hero. The drama gets spicier in other spheres of Life.  Let us take a look at the key reasons of the Indian drama in the context of sex before the marriage or sex with other gender after marriage.  

Hush-Hush Conversations:  The people in India believe that if a girl has sexual experience before marriage she is considered to be unfit and characterless.  Words like sex, puberty, adolescence, penis, vagina, breasts, masturbation, and menstruation are regarded as bad mouthed words in front of the children by parents. But, people should understand Sex education is extremely important for growing teenagers in India. 

Condom buying phobia: The situation is really worse. Grocery store uncle’s give dirty and surprising looks to adults who come to buy condoms. It is a tool for protection from diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Lack of sex education:  If a girl talks to a boy about love, sex & relationship, she will be considered as having a loose character. If a boy talks to a girl about it, he might be regarded as a flirt or pervert. People follow vigorous western culture and lifestyle. They wear jeans, use international brands but consider girls as unfit for marriage if she is non-virgin.

The people in India need to inculcate change and improvisation. They should try to understand sex is just a three word, not an abusive word. Sex is a strong biological need to be fulfilled. Pre-marital sex is not a crime, nor does it define someone. It is a personal choice of two individuals. There is nothing to judge. Couples look for couple friendly hotels.

A new study conducted by the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare and suppressed by India's health ministry has said that a quarter to a third of India's young people indulges in premarital sex. The Indian Constitution recognises that the Fundamental right under Article 21 of the constitution of the India grants to all its citizens Right to life and personal liberty which means one is free to live the way one wants. This also allows unmarried couples to book a hotel room anywhere in India.

Luvstay, A courageous platform which offers hotel room to the unmarried adult couple. Luvstay was started in Delhi with an agenda to provide hotel room to unmarried couples in Delhi.  It is currently operating in 16 cities and takes booking around 500 per day providing rooms for couples in Delhi and rest India. It strongly assures about security factors like unnecessary stress or bribing activities etc. Basically, Luvstay is trying to create a shift in the understanding and perception of the dating culture in India. There is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together in hotels. Choosing to stay together is a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement.

Parents and adults need to embrace change with the changes of the society and take a leap of faith.