Top 5 Best Sex Positions For Explosive Orgasms

Hey Guys..!! Are you still stuck to Missionary..!!  That’s Really Sucks..!

Girls Love Guys who knows how to take them on cloud 9.

So forget Kamasutra.. Lets get on our hottest ever sex positions which will help you for pleasure, orgasms , prolonged ejaculation.

Sex Position 1 : The Squat

This sex position gives you the most amazing sensation. Getting deep into her vagina and you can both take turns .

How to do it:-

Quite Simple,  You lies on the bed and your girl have to squat over you. That’s it ..  Now your girl raise herself up and down on you, leaning on bed .  Different speed also spice it up.

Sex Position 2 : The Standing Up

You need some serious upper body strength to get this one done. But once it would be done you both would be on cloud nine.  You will get very deep in her vagina.

How to do it:-

Start by sitting down on a chair and having your girl lift by your thighs . Ask her legs wrap around your waist, and put her neck around your neck. Than you need to hold her butt from back .  Procced to pound and enjoy a sexual encounter ;)

Sex Position 3:- The Sensual Spoon

This passion pose give you the best of both worlds ! The half doggy style. You wont get very deep inside her, but you will be hitting her G- Spot Definitely. That’s nothing beat this having you holding her tight while taking her higher. And also you can rub her clitoris will become ice on the cake.

How to do it :-

It doesn’t take too much effort to get into this position. Take her leg and bend it at the knee towards her. Adjust her butt towards you and insert your penis and give it a whirl. When your are done , fall back asleep with your arm wrapped snuggly around her.

Sex Position 4 :- Lazy Dog

If you’re aggressive in the bedroom and absolutely adore pounding women, with absolute control on your part then this is the best sex position for you. Not only will you be hitting the g-spot and getting REALLY deep, but you can both grind and pound for maximum pleasure.

How to do it:-

Make your girl lies on her stomach and tries to get her ass up as much as possible Than you comes from behind, just like in doggy style, but now it’s more from up side. For better stability and feeling you can grab her ass or even her neck or hair. Than insert your penis into vagina from behind .. Girl has just enjoys as her only job is to lie.

Sex Position 5:- The Butterfly

It’s a very raunchy position that allows for deep penetration and also creates a delightful angle for vaginal stimulation .

How to do it:-

Standing at the edge of the bed and holding your girl pelvis up towards yours, You can thrust even deeper than if you were lying on the bed with you. Having your girl legs up on your shoulders also helps give her an extra-deep angle of penetration, and they (or you) can easily reach your girl’s clitoris to help stimulate so you can both get off in a matter of minutes. Plus, you can brace against the edge of the bed, giving  more stability so you can thrust faster and harder than usual.