How can you trust LuvStay and what would guarantee your peace of mind?

LuvStay completely understands your concern and frankly speaking, if I had been in your shoes I would have asked the same question, “What would guarantee my peace of mind and why I should book a room with LuvStay!” This issue is as old as hotel industry itself and a few unpleasant cases in past it have added on to this concern of privacy intrusion.

But we here at LuvStay want to build our brand by being hospitable and giving you and an infallible customer service. Thus we choose our hotels with care and make sure that our hotels that can provide you impeccable service and hospitality. We take utmost care of your comfort and privacy and partner only with best hotels after cautious and elaborate audits of the hotels. Whether it is the interior, the behaviour and professionalism of the staff or any other detail, we make sure that you get the best of everything and enjoy a hassle free stay.

You will find only 3,4& 5 star hotels associated with LuvStay. For such hotels, their reputation is the most important thing for their business, thus you can be assured that none of our hotels will be risk their reputation by planting cameras in their hotel room or other cheap tricks. LUVSTAY


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