Will LuvStay accept your request to book a hotel room?

Answer is Yes !

We treat individual as a guest first..:)

It's not our job to do moral policing and teach people about ethics,principles,values,integrity,etc. we are not here to tell you the difference between the right and the wrong.  correct  !! India is already full of such kind of people who always want to poke their nose in your personal matters then be it our own parents,in-laws, friends or neighbours.


At LuvStay we serve all married ,unmarried couples and individuals too to meet their basic requirement that you need in a hotel like privacy,security and of course a room with friendly ambience around you.


We, at luvstay provide comfortable rooms for anyone and everyone who can show us a valid ID proof. Now whether you stay at the lovely hotel with your husband or your lover is none of our concerns. Moral policing is not in our job description. Luvstay never has and never will judge its customers. Our job is to serve you with a room of your liking and that’s exactly what we intend to do, no questions asked.

We hope you have a lovely day with luvStay!


Go Ahead and book your own friendly hotel.