You raised queries.. Several queries. We gave answers. Uncensored. Truthful. Most of you have asked us if your partner, your girlfriend, also needs to submit her ID proof at the hotel reception whenever you book a couple friendly hotel through us. You have told us that she feels uncomfortable in doing so, for obvious reasons. My Friends....!!!! There is a very stable reason why we urge that each of the partners should show a valid ID proof at the reception and we even insist you on doing so, even if the receptionist does not express the requirement. We need you to understand that services provided by LuvStay are completely legal and constitutional. Therefore we would not dare to deviate by the slightest move away from that just for some short term convenience. Here is the scenario. India is still confused with love making & prostitution. It will take some time to clear that confusion. And we are not here to change that. We are not here to support prostitution. We are here to give voice and space to genuine loving people. Oppressed people. People accused of evil by other goons' people. If the hotel does not ask for the girl’s ID proof then he is cautionary considering her a prostitute and wants to register you guys below the radar. And we are not going to allow that..!!  And if you do the same I mean don’t show her ID, then you are entering the illegal zone of prostitution with all the risks that can come to your stay. There is a difference between serving genuine couples and supporting prostitution. LuvStay is pretty clear about what it does and for whom it does is not illegal. We guarantee complete legality within the present system but it has to be your task to look them in their eyes. For love is not a criminal offence. You are someone’s sweetheart. You teach another person love through your affection and take him to higher ground of consciousness. Don’t let them tell you that it is just about sex. Don’t let someone sing for love and marriage if he had never got laid before.