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Same city IDs? Don't worry, Local IDs are allowed at every hotel.

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Weekly inspections for safe, secure and hassle-free stays.

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We never ask for your personal documents. We respect your anonymity.

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Compulsory? Nah, we allow Guest Checkout Experience for our Horny Luverrs to privately make love, we believe in staying anonymous, freedom is the most needed for our to-be Luverrs. Any Doubts? you may call us right now at +91 - 6391005457.
It is as safe as heaven, At LuvStay, our motto is to provide safe and secured hotel stay to ‘adult unmarried-couples’. We understand your requirement of complete privacy and believe us WE have done the same. Period. All the hotels listed on our website are at-par with your expectation. Our expert inspection team members has chosen each of these hotels by personally checking the hygiene and security factors. Also, LuvStay keeps on checking them at fixed weekly intervals. Our hotels are not cheap or dark or unaccountable. We are a standardized ‘hotel aggregator of India.' We have made sure that ‘married’ or ‘unmarried’ couple, if you are an adult, you will get a room with 100% safety.
Yes, Both of you have to show your valid Government ID at the time of check-in at the hotel. This is a part of the standard protocol in India due Indian Legal System. See?..we got your back legally too!
You should never submit/give anyone your Identity Documents without a valid,legally or authorised reason. At LuvStay, customer only needs to share their details to the hotelier. We are in a business of trust, and we do not keep any personal records of any customer as we allow guest checkout on our portal. As a standard process followed by Hoteliers, Our Hotel managers do keep ID records of each and every visitor that check-in at a hotel. But, this is a part of Standard Operations, for in case in future if at all any discrepancies occur at the property or you forgot something precious while in a hurry, the user can be contacted and informed and full secrecy is maintained.
The easy-peezy 4 steps to book a room using LuvStay : 1. Head on to Homepage of the website www.LuvStay.com 2. Select the destination, check-in date, time slot, No. of days(if slot is 24hrs/multiple) and a total number of guests, Click on Get LuvStay button. 3. Filter and select desired hotel (Price, amenities and other details have been mentioned about the hotels.) 4. Fill up your details on the Hotel details page and proceed to the payments page by clicking Book Now. You just booked a room through www.LuvStay.com Once these 4 steps are done, you will receive a confirmation via an e-mail. This e-mail will have your reserved Name(should be same as in the document produced during check-in), booking ID, and other details. At the time of check-in, you only have to show this e-mail to the hotel reception along with your valid government ID Document. Now don’t forget to make love safely ;)
Every staff related to LuvStay Hotels is trained and is kept under a grading system. Call us right away on +916391005457, Your feedback to us is what we yearn for, which in turn directly allows us to take action. For us your convenience is apex.
Sometimes there are more important things in our daily hustle and we say OK..this now, making out later..no worries, there is a very easy cancellation process. E-mail us at contact@luvstay.com or call us on +916391005457 immediately regarding such a situation. We shall do the needful. Stay assured. Your convenience is our priority.
We are the best safe and budgeted hotel room provider in India. We provide hotel rooms to ‘adult-unmarried couples,' ‘married couples,' ‘single men’ and ‘single women.' We believe in ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘hassle-free’ room service in each of our hotels across India. Currently, we are into hotel rooms only, apartments, resorts, flats, clubs, spaces etc.. about to come.
It’s a hoax. You Have The Right To. There is no law in Indian Constitution that says ‘it’s illegal for two adult persons to stay together.' We urge if you encounter such a situation anywhere in India, in any city, at any location, raise your voice. Intimate Us. Do not succumb to Policemen, rather, as an extra measure take pictures and videos of such a persons and send it to us at contact@LuvStay.com. We shall make sure that the person, policemen harassing you get penalized. P.S. Kissing or hugging in public is not a crime in India. It’s an irreparable advocacy we have burdened on ourselves.
We have covered it all. Stay assured. You’re doing nothing wrong or illegal. You are above 18. There is no law that stops adult couples (even with local ID proof) from booking a room and staying there for as long as you like it. Police can only get on into the properties they are having a suspicion of drugs usage etc. Our hotels are well rooted(checked), safe and secured. We have made sure that you have a hassle-free booking, check-in, stay and check-out process. Enjoy your stay at our ‘verified’ hotels across India with 100% assurance of safety. Convenience has been given a new name at LuvStay.