I called Hotel X & They Said No Couples Allowed !!

I called Hotel X & They Said No Couples Allowed  !! Guest :- Is it LuvStay? Cupid Sumit :- Yes... How May I Help You Buddy? Guest :- Sumit I called up hotel l (More...)

Chill Guys.. You are not doing anything ILLEGAL !!

There is no law that you can break by spending some quality time with your partner in a hotel room. It is merely our lack of knowledge and the societal pressure that creates an illusion of this &lsqu (More...)

Why Hotel Won't Allow Couples to Stay

It has been happening with me since I started our journey of providing hotel rooms to couples. A recent conversation with a hotelier in Kolkata has finally forced me to write down what conv (More...)

You raised queries.. Several queries. We gave answers. Uncensored. Truthful. Most of you have asked us if your partner, your girlfriend, also needs to submit her ID proof at the hotel reception (More...)

Will LuvStay accept your request to book a hotel room? Answer is Yes ! We treat individual as a guest first..:) It's not our job to do moral policing (More...)

Yes, it is absolutely fine to stay at any hotel across India with anyone you like. There is no law that prohibits you from doing so. However, the law does stand against criminal activities that one m (More...)


How can you trust LuvStay and what would guarantee your peace of mind? LuvStay completely understands your concern and frankly speaking, if I had been in your shoes I would have asked the same q (More...)

Luvstay Helps Unmarried couples to book hotel room.

This portal that allows unmarried couples to book hotel rooms in India is definitely a change for conservative and patriarchal society. India is as progressed as it is conservative. The idea of prema (More...)