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About us


We, the cupids at Luvstay, believe in the possibilities the privacy of a safe, closed, welcoming room can bring in your life and hence we provide a platform that cherry picks hotels and transform them further with love themes for the couples (married/unmarried) which can be booked online on slot basis or multiple days; and checked in by producing local ID’s.


A lot can happen in the right place with your loved one while in the same city or travelling. Our services come to you with no questions asked while you can question us for that tiniest discomfort you will never feel.


Objectionable stares, unwanted knocks, fear to get moral policed etc. get eliminated when gone through us. Also, love at Luvstay is not classified into unmarried love, same-sex love, or an affair of love. Our cupids believe in enhancing your romance and steaming your love, nothing else.


Not the cheapest but the most dependable romantic experience as everything can be bought cheaply but not love.


Did you not Luvstay yet?