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so how does this work?
What is it?

Convince me.

In this day of technology, anyone can book a room online..
but when it comes to privacy, people usually prefer the experts..

we specialize in providing the safest hotel rooms around your vicinity..
cupids search hotels with most private and quality experience in your area..

helping our Luverrs get the best of their well deserved moments undisturbed and privately..

Cupids hunt around for hotels with most private and secured experiences.

psst..we perform regular inspections on’em.

Luverrs use this portal for an anonymous and instant booking experience.

But..In India ‘its’ ILLegal..

..it’s a Myth, we have not read enough.

Absolute Legal

You paid for a service.
You shared your IDs.
You’re 100% lawful.

Totally Legit

You are well within your rights.
You deserve those moments.
You’re 100% legit.

Widely Trusted

40000+ Luverrs pan India.
3 years of trust & climbing.
You’re 100% safe.

The judgement culture:

Everybody judges people around, its natural. We believe, only a Luverr can help sway out this culture of judgements, and educate the public.

‘it's human to judge’

-someone with wisdom.

Help Us, Help You.

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