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Our executives will reach out to you the very same day to examine if you do fulfill the quality and standards we seek.


If you wish to know about the processes, legalities we are here to help you with all advices, tips and best practices that allows you to grow with us.

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Almost all our business is based on integrity and trust which allows both of us to flourish, be it you or our guests, partners work with integrity and trust.

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More than 500 hotels across India trust LuvStay with their businesses. Let us present you a few more reasons why it’s worth a try.

Get exposure to the huge customer base of the people who wants to experience this novel hospitality concept in India.

Get a chance to become our top selling property in your city and receive 300-400 room nights every month consistently.

Pay your monthly electricity bills with the business LuvStay provides to you. That's the minimum amount of business you can expect from us.

Recession proof business. No matter whether its the chilling month of December or warm and sunny May, couples will always be looking for some private times together. Our hotel partners don't have an off season.

We don't work on credit payments. No matter you receive 1 or 10 bookings a day, we send the payment every single day for the booking of that day. We don't keep your money with us.


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